Lord of the Rings
Indiana Jones
Star Trek TNG
Terminator 2
Creature ftBL
Star Wars
Twilight Zone
Theatre of Magic
Revenge from Mars
Star Wars Episode 1
Pinball Kids and Fun
Ein Hobby
Star Trek TNG
The Twilight Zone
Terminator T2
Creature ftBL
Back to the Future
Bride of Pinbot
Terminator T2
Creature ftBL
Indiana Jones
Wurlitzer OMT 1015
...New Generation
...Old Generation
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DMD Annimationen

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Indiana Jones / IJ

Attack from Mars / AFM

Addams Family / TAF

Medieval Madness / MM

Lord of the Rings / LOTR

Cirqus Voltaire / CV

Theatre of Magic / TOM

Demolition Man / DM

The Shadow

Creature from the Black Lagoon / CftbL

Terminator 2 / T2

Twilight Zone / TZ

Arabian Nights / TOTAN